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Instead of sending Texas Webmaster, LLC a physical check, you can now pay your invoice through an e-check. You will only need to connect your financial institution to your Dwolla Direct account once. Once it is setup, you will be able to simply log in to your Dwolla Direct account and breeze through checkout. On the initial setup, you will need your routing number and account number to your bank.

Depending on your bank, you may get the follow message, “Sorry, this bank can’t be connected using our Instant Account Verification process. Please try another one, or log in at to complete a full account and connect your bank or credit union using Deposit Verification instead.” If you receive the above message, Texas Webmaster, LLC recommends directly logging into website and add your financial bank that way. Once you add your banking account, it will take in 1-3 business days for Dwolla to deposit money into your account. Once you verify the deposits, you will then be able to pay your invoice.

Please keep in mind that once you complete the full account setup through Dwolla, it will be smooth sailing starting with the 2nd payment.