Price Match

Price Match Guarantee

Texas Webmaster’s prices are the most competitive around, and we regularly check our prices to keep it that way. That’s why we can confidently promise that should you be given a lower written quote for the same work, we will match or beat that price by 10%.

We comprehend that you as individuals, non-profit organizations, or business owners have to stick within a budget. We likewise understand that while our "custom web design" rates are really competitive, you could get a lower quote from a competitor. When you do receive several quotes from a handful of design firms, it is best to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each proposition.

We believe in providing a competitive product and service, and believe that we can provide you a better deal. If you do receive a lower quote for a website design and feel that we can provide you a much better value, we encourage you to approach us about a price match. We will do everything possible to provide you the better deal and rate for a site.

Restrictions May Apply:

Texas Webmaster’s price match guarantee applies to our “custom web design” service. Any other services that we offer is not within the Price Match Guarantee. In order for us to apply the price match guarantee, the competitor’s headquarter cannot exceed more than 75 miles of Pearland, Texas.

Our price match guarantee covers work to the exact same specifications as on your written competitor’s quotation. For example, if you have been given a written quote for a 5 page, custom web design website with a company logo design then we will price match for a 5 page, custom web design website with a company logo design, nothing else.

Our price match assurance is issued subject to accessibility. For instance, if your quote consists of a 3 week turn-around time however we currently have a waiting listing of customers, we will price match the rate when we have availability.

Furthermore, we do not believe in pre-made templates that thousands of other people have download and currently using for there website. Therefore, we will not price match to any pre-made template builder service “like”, FatCow, Godaddy, Hometead, iPower, Network Solutions,, Squarespace, Volusion,, Weebly, Wix.

Please note, our price match guarantee terms and conditions may be subject to change without notice.
Effective as of February 1, 2014